About eAngel

A Community of Sharing

eAngel Community was created to provide donors with an easy way to match noncash donations with the needs of deserving nonprofit organizations. eAngel enables individuals, commercial organizations and even other nonprofits, to donate noncash resources to disadvantaged people and the nonprofits which serve them. You are invited to browse eAngel registered nonprofits and the mission statement of each organization. Donors may proceed in making immediate donations and nonprofits can receive a donated gift by simply registering on the eAngel website.


eAngel evolved through a committed desire to help people who are less fortunate. It is an answer to a calling shared by many throughout the faith based community; a calling to fulfill the wish list needs and other requirements of nonprofit organizations within the Chicago area. eAngel is a direct response to the private sector request for assistance in the process of giving in-kind donations.

The importance of individual giving is represented by the fact that it is the greatest source of private-sector giving for nonprofits; far exceeding foundations and institutions. eAngel came about when the Internet was introduced, as a way for people to come together through the tradition of giving to disadvantaged people. It was recognized that an online matching process could provide a vital philanthropic link between the donor and nonprofit sector. eAngel not only fulfills the nonprofit need for noncash resources, it also assists donors with the most human need of all; serving others.

eAngel Community could not have succeeded without the exemplary leadership of people within the nonprofit community; providing guidance essential to our networking success. We thank the entire donor community for its extreme generosity and the support of everyone throughout the giving process in helping us achieve our mission of building a community of sharing.