How to Donate

It’s time to find out who can use what you have to give. Please complete the donation form so nonprofits know what you’re gifting, and where it is to be picked up; this requires simple registration (click "donate now").

Login and submit a description of new or gently used items you wish to donate, it is free. You trust us so we trust you in making donations which are acceptable to nonprofits, complying with eAngel registration requirements. We do not accept used mattresses, bedding, or under garments for health reasons. In the case of a home demolition or rehab, consider gifting the entire home or some portion through professional deconstruction. It can be more cost effective, plus the contractor and certified appraisal expense may also be tax deductible. For transporting valuable items or pianos, if desired, you could explore deducting the services of a qualified mover. 

All donations will be assigned to a nonprofit in your local area based on need. While there is no guarantee of assignment, eAngel will do its best to identify nonprofits seeking each generous donation. Once this is done and your gift is accepted eAngel will email confirmation to you, and a donor contact profile to the receiving nonprofit, which will provide for gift pick-up and acknowledgment. Please allow at least two weeks for pick up from the time of the actual donation assignment.

Donors may elect anonymity. The donor profile will still be emailed to each qualified receiving nonprofit, which will then be required to maintain the request for anonymity in order to process each donation accordingly.

It is the responsibility of all donors to determine the approximate value of all non-cash donations and consult a tax advisor as needed to determine deductibility. eAngel’s objective is to assign donations to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are responsible for providing gift acknowledgment and arranging for gift pick up. Email confirmation throughout the donation process will be provided by eAngel Community.